Slim Freaky


Slim Freaky is an Orange County based Rock band which blends elements of Funk, Latin and Ska/Reggae into an energetic live performance.  They are fronted by Evan Osborne on keys and lead vocals, Hod Meehan on bass guitar, Danny Cass on Drums and Mike Kobayashi on guitar.  Their most recent single “Listen To Me” was recorded at their own Slim Freaky Studios in Laguna Beach where they work with many other projects.


Evan Osborne

Lead Vocals & Keys

A musician born and raised in Los Angeles Ca. Started playing piano at a very young age. I was exposed and trained in various styles of music as my mother navigated me through my early playing life. In High School I played with some of todays best musicians such as Abe Laborial and Mike Elizando. I was the music coordinator for the movie Tombstone when I was 19 as well as making an appearance in the film. Since then I have toured for various bands on Curb and Sony records. 

I started Slim Freaky as an LA based band and have recently re-grouped the project in Orange County. The music is a stylistic Mutt as we merge many genres like Rock, Funk, Latin, and Ska/Reggae. We have built our own Studio in Laguna Hills called Slim Freaky Studios where we currently rehears, record, and work with other projects to improve their brand. 

The goal of this band is to energize the public with music that is inclusive to all who hear it. There is something for everybody to agree on. The performance value and skill level of the songs and musicians are second to none.


Hod Meehan


Multi-instrumentalist Hod Meehan took to music at an early age with his first piano at the age of three then moving on to the Cello and Bass at the age of six. At the age of eight Hod became the first member of The Northwest Boychoir Of Seattle under ten years of age and toured with the choir performing in opera houses and arenas internationally including audiences with presidents of The United States and the president of Mexico. Hod played music in Seattle performing locally and recording with various bands at Mushroom, Triad, Bear Creek, Ironwood and Kaye Smith studios.
  Hod moved his family to Orange County California where his son Connor joined him on the drums playing as a rhythm section with Nolan Porter and Candy Zappa. 
  Hod has a passion for AMPEG amplifiers and Marco Cortez bass guitars. He now is very excited to be playing with SLIM FREAKY an all original music band with incredible musical talent playing the songs of the keyboardist and lead singer Evan Osborne joined by Drummer Danny Cass and Guitarist Mike Kobyashi.

Danny Cass


Danny Cass was born into East Coast drumming royalty through his father, Joey Cass, drummer for “Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons” (1965-1970).  From a very young age, his education started by accompanying his dad to countless gigs, sessions and concerts hearing the industries top musicians.  Besides studying privately with his dad, he studied with Joe Morello and most recently spent 5 years with West Coast chop beast Ronnie Ciago. 
His professional career started at age 13 playing local private gigs subbing for dad.  By age 17, he began working for the Frank Bennett Orchestras and then Jason Craig Orchestras.  Here he played literally hundreds of gigs annually working with players from bands like Bruce Springsteen, Blue Oyster Cult, Blood Sweat and Tears, and countless others.  His sound can be characterized by his deep pocket and gritty soulful groove.  
In the early 2000’s, he moved to Southern California and found himself a new home in the music scene quickly.    Currently, he is the house drummer at Slim Freaky Studios in Laguna Hills, CA.  He is playing and producing on sessions besides being part of the LA based Slim Freaky band.  He is also now the driving force behind Los Angeles pop-rock band Liquid Circus.  Prior to that, he was touring with the very successful Clapton Road tribute band.  Along with that, he recorded with Batmaker which is a killer Indie rock/pop project led by singer, songwriter Mat Baker.  Check him out on Spotify or iTunes.

Mike Kobayashi


Mike played throughout the SF Bay Area and Sacramento area in the 90’s with the funk rock band Sammi and with former Hiroshima vocalist Barbara Long. He moved to LA to write music for film and television. He has scored numerous films and has had music licensed for numerous ads and television commercials. He has performed throughout southern California in Signals (Rush Tribute), Black Rose (Thin Lizzy Tribute), Damaged Goods (80’s hair metal tribute), South Bay Allstars, Liquid Circus and has backed MoFunk artists XL Middleton, Moniquea, and Reality Jonz. Mike uses Homer T and James Tyler Guitars, Blankenship and Suhr Amps, and Tonefreak Pedals.